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Scaling sales is not a solo act.

Partner with Stompbox. Optimize your sales process and grow with confidence.

Hello Founder. Is this you?

"Deals keep stalling unless I'm involved."

"Referrals and inbound alone won't support our growth goals."

"We can't lose momentum with bad sales hires."

Well, you're in good company.

"Stompbox's high-integrity approach to sales helped us attract the right customers and grow with them."
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Amy Brown

CEO & Founder

"Working with Stompbox helped us grow from zero customers to 7-figure ARR and beyond."
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Santiago Jaramillo

CEO & Co-Founder

"Stompbox got me into the right mindset to grow revenue, then held me accountable."
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Gabriel Cepeda

CEO & Founder

Scaling sales is kind of our thing.

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Ian Illig

Managing Partner & Founder


Chris Evans

Partner & Co-Founder

Together we grew two sales-led B2B startups from $0 to $5M ARR through exit and discovered there are three stages of growth.

Founder-Led Sales

Finding early customers and validating product-market fit.

Founder-Supported Sales

Crystalizing the sales process and preparing for scale.

Founder-Free Sales

Passing the baton to a sales leader and unlocking exponential growth.

The hardest part? Transitioning from one stage to the next.

Don't lose momentum. Grow with Stompbox.


Get clarity with our expert audit of your current sales motion and CRM setup. We’ll go deep on your business and deliver a “State of Sales" report with high fidelity recommendations to help you achieve your goals.


Sell better and faster with our hands-on, iterative approach to rapidly improve your sales process and unlock predictable revenue. We’ll be embedded across your selling motion and optimize for scalability as we go.


Access sales expertise and execution with our studio for custom solutions based on your needs. Bring us in on your biggest ideas and we’ll help you maximize impact and build momentum.

Stompbox was inspired by guitar pedals, expertly sequenced to create the perfect sound for any situation. An excellent sales process feels effortless to customers from the start and helps them make better decisions. At Stompbox, we help founders and GTM teams build trust throughout the entire buying journey, resulting in happy customers and fans of your brand.

We are...

Creative. We believe there’s a time and a place for proven playbooks, but massive growth often comes from big ideas.

Fun. We take our craft seriously, but not ourselves.

Human. We do our best to admit when we’re wrong and make it right. Our business grows at the rate of trust.

Learners. We bring past experience into present decision-making, but we don’t force old models that no longer work.

Flexible. We’ll work with you from anywhere, nationwide.

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Your product is half the battle. We help with the other half.