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Scaling sales is not a solo act.

A fractional CRO can help.

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Hello Founder. Is this you?

"I keep getting pulled back into sales."

"We can't afford hiring mistakes."

"Buyers are slipping through the cracks."

"Salespeople can't sell like I sell."

"I don't know what salespeople need from me."

"Our sales process is all over the place."

Well, you're in good company.

"Stompbox's high-integrity approach to sales helped us attract the right customers and grow with them."
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Amy Brown

CEO & Founder

"Working with Stompbox helped us grow from zero customers to 7-figure ARR and beyond."
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Santiago Jaramillo

CEO & Co-Founder

"Stompbox got me into the right mindset to grow revenue, then held me accountable."
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Gabriel Cepeda

CEO & Founder

Founders can't get to the next stage on their own.

Founder-Led Sales

Finding early customers, proving the market opportunity for your product.

Founder-Supported Sales

Hiring and onboarding sellers, proving the repeatability of your sales process.

Founder-Free Sales

Passing the baton to a sales leader, proving the scalability of your business.

That's where we come in.

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Ian Illig

Managing Partner & Founder


Chris Evans

Partner & Co-Founder

In 2013, Chris and I began working together as the first two sales reps at Bluebridge, a B2B SaaS startup in the mobile app space. When we joined, there was no product, no customers, and no brand awareness — only drawings of our founder’s product idea and a spreadsheet of some potential customers for us to prospect.

We did everything from scratch — cold calls, sales meetings, market pivots, sales management, hiring, GTM strategy, positioning, CRM, pricing, customer referrals, email campaigns, field events, etc.

Within 5 years, Bluebridge had grown from $0 to $5M in ARR, hundreds of customers, 60+ employees, and was celebrating a successful exit.

Shortly after, our same team spun up another SaaS product called Emplify, focused on helping HR executives solve employee retention challenges. Similar to Bluebridge, Emplify from $0 to $5M ARR, but this time it took less than 3 years resulting in a much higher exit multiple.

What was our secret sauce?

Our VP of Customer Success said it best: "With most sales teams, you either get high performance or high integrity. This team has both."

We rarely had the downhill momentum of product-market fit, but made up for it by incorporating excellence and core values into the way we sold.

In 2023, we founded Stompbox to help other GTM teams make their salespeople the ultimate brand ambassadors and experience the same transformation.

As a songwriter, I love helping founders find the right words, translating their big ideas into stories that resonate.

But that is just the beginning. To achieve their goals, founders must equip others to tell their story.


We are...

Creative. We believe there’s a time and a place for proven playbooks, but massive growth often comes from big ideas.

Fun. We take our craft seriously, but not ourselves.

Human. We do our best to admit when we’re wrong and make it right. Our business grow at the rate of trust.

Learners. We incorporate past-experience into present decision-making, but we don’t force old models that no longer work.

Flexible. We’ll work with you from anywhere, nationwide.

Your product is half the battle. We help with the other half.


Onboard faster

Shorten ramp time with clear milestones and training.


Sell with consistency

Adopt a proven sales process, tailored to your business.

Increase productivity

Equip your team with tools that drive efficiency.


Have visibility

Track the sales metrics that drive performance.

Stompbox was inspired by guitar pedals, creatively sequenced to make the most of every moment. Like a pedalboard, an excellent sales process stand out from the very beginning and feel right the whole time. At Stompbox, we help founders and GTM teams build trust throughout the entire buying journey, resulting in happy customers and fans for life.